If you are interested in becoming a Group Account Manager, please complete the form below. Any organization may participate in the program.

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By checking the box below, you are agreeing that all information, including but not limited to applications, examinations, recertification, and related data concerning the credential holder is “Confidential and Proprietary” information. Therefore, this information cannot be duplicated or disclosed to any person who is not an employee of your organization who is not expressly authorized to receive such information. BCSP has the right to request any credential holder information be returned to BCSP.



A business, union, government agency, educational institution, or other type of organization.

Group Account:

A record created in the BCSP Certification Management System (CMS) and Management Information System (MIS) for an organization. One or more individuals’ records may be linked to the group account.

Group Account Manager (GAM):

Organization point of contact. The GAM has the ability to review the status of their employees/members and pay fees.

Group Management:

Ability to track application and credential status, pay fees associated with applications, exams, renewals, and extensions for more than one individual.

Champions Program:

A complimentary program tracking the certification process for companies/organizations funding the acquisition of safety certifications for their employees, members, and credential holders.